Which Children's Bible is best?

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Which children’s Bible is best?

Whichever one they will read.

This is a question we get asked over and over again. The short answer is - whichever one they will read.

Different children have different levels of faith, reading ability, interests, family situations etc etc - but here are a few different editions that we like which may help you choose.

Full Text Edition

For children who are very committed to their faith with a high reading ability aged 8-12 years then the Catholic Children's Bible is great. It’s a Good News translation of the Bible with some pictures and commentary sections with activities. Available in hardback and paperback editions. It’s big, heavy and more expensive than most but a fabulous resource for a faithful child.

Minecraft Edition

If they like Minecraft then this is a winner:  All the major Old and New Testament stories illustrated with Minecraft artwork. When our daughter was really into Minecraft a few years ago, she read this edition over and over again. Best for 7-11 years.

Lego fan? 

The Brick Bible comes in an Old and New Testament editions or as a boxed set. Again this edition tells most of the major stories and is illustrated with scenes made by Lego bricks. Looks beautiful and is fun to read. Great for 5+.

Graphic Novel Style

Alternatively the Graphic  Bible or Action Bible are brilliant. Both illustrated in graphic novel style with really fantastic art work. Again both cover the major stories of the Bible and cover more of the text than the Minecraft or Brick Bibles. Aimed at an older age group (I suggest 10-15) they are very readable and great stepping stones for older children to get into a full-text edition.

All the links take you to Amazon but you can get the books from other places, it’s just an easy way for you to have a look at our recommendations.