Reflection 2019 coming soon

We’re busy putting the finishing touches to our 2019 Reflection magazine which involves a lot of typing, clicking and picture choosing (along with lots of prayer and cups of tea); but to whet your appetites here’s a brief excerpt - read what Terri had to say about her experience of a Bible Weekend in Herne Bay:


Sunny Bible Weekend Day

David & Sarah with Terri in Herne Bay

“I’d like to say how wonderful I thought the weekend went. Lots of different people came together and were fed in body and soul. I know I came away with a few nuggets of information and with a little more thought for the words we hear, not necessarily the words we read. And for how I show and live my faith in the life that I lead”. This is a quote from a parishioner who attended the Bible Weekend.

Not knowing how it would all go, the parishioners attending were given a lot to think about when it came to understanding the scriptures. We went from a whistle stop tour of the Old Testament on the Friday night to Jesus walking on the water on Sunday afternoon.

The Catholic Bible School delivered the whole programme with animation and interaction with a spot of amateur dramatics. This really brought the bible to life. We all know Moses was found in the bulrushes but what do we know of his role as judge, patriarch and prophet while remaining obedient in his role of Giver of the Law. We do now and much more about the Old Testament prophets.