A day in Arundel

Saturday 30 January was the day when Sarah made the short trip here:

If you're not sure where this is, it is the lovely Cathedral Centre for the parishioners in Arundel.  Sarah spent the day with the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion doing an overview of the Bible, a focus on Luke's Gospel and a range of ways to prayerfully engage with the scriptures - looking particularly at some texts that have relevance for Eucharistic Ministers.

The day involved lots of chatting, lots of prayer, some colouring, tasty soup and cheese and a balloon!  Around 30 ministers came to the day and there was a good energy in the room.  Speaking to one participant on the day they said, "I had never realised that about Jesus before."  This was just one of many, "penny-dropping" moments during the day.  I think most who attended the day felt refreshed at the end and with renewed confidence to get stuck in to the scriptures to enable their faith to deepen and grow.