Waving Women

Today is Women's World Day of Prayer and I (Sarah) was invited to lead the service at our local Catholic Church in Bosham.  As these services always are, it was an ecumenical venture and included the participation of a number of people in leading the prayers, the singing and the responses and, of course, the tea and cake.  The service was put together by the women of the Bahamas and they prepared a joyful liturgy for us all to celebrate.

A challenge to us Brits was the final line of the service where the congregation was encouraged to process out of the church "waving their hands, simulating the waves of the sea".  As you can imagine this was not a typically British thing to do so we adapted it into our photo-shoot at the end of the liturgy (and had a good giggle whilst doing so).

Praying with thousands of women (and men) around the world is a humbling experience and I was honoured to have led those gathered together in Bosham.  Thank you Lord for your grace.