Introduction to Mark's Gospel



Mark’s Gospel is short, fast-paced and interested in people’s response to Jesus; both the people we read about in the Gospel, and us as readers of the Gospel.  Mark’s telling of the Gospel is filled with characters that are confused and unsure, always asking questions. It also has many key moments where the truth of who Jesus is as the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of us, all are declared boldly and without question.  Mark encourages us to keep in mind who we say Jesus is.

This study contains eight sections, seven that explore a different aspect of the person of Jesus and one that allows you to celebrate and recap together the journey you have been on, through Mark’s Gospel as a group, or treat yourself for completing this as an individual.

There is no one way to use the material here, if you choose to look at all the sections in depth it might takes two sessions to complete each chapter as a small group, or you can pick and choose the parts of the text you want to study and pray with.



There are discussion questions and ideas to ponder throughout each of the sections.  Some sections have other exercises that people may find helpful in deepening their personal reflection on the Gospel message - do what works for you.

Our aim in putting this material together is to help people grow in their personal faith and their relationship with Jesus so that more of us are further down the road of commited discipleship.

Sarah and David Beresford, Directors, Catholic Bible School