You can buy our standard pack of 10 prayers stations available for digital download.

Interactive Prayer Stations Pack - Digital Download pdf

Instruction cards for 10 prayer stations which include useful tips on setting the prayer stations up and a full kit list of things you will need - all for a bargain price.

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**FREE**     Our Five Senses Interactive Prayer Stations Pack is available to download for free!  Consider it a present from us to you.

Email us to come to you and run an Interactive Prayer Room.

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For over 20 years David and Sarah have been creatively engaging with prayer.

"Using the most ordinary things, like building blocks, potatoes, sand, balloons and pretty much anything we can get our hands on, we have used the Bible and these objects to create Interactive Prayer Stations."


With over 40 different prayers stations in regular use the Catholic Bible School can equip you to pray in extraordinary ways with ordinary things.

If you would like the Catholic Bible School to run an Interactive Prayer Room at your event or at your school please get in touch.