First Part: The Blessing of the Fire and Preparation of the Candle

“Let there be light” - God said this in the very beginning and says it again with the coming of Jesus - he is the light of the world who rescues us from darkness and sin.  He brings hope to us all, we love the light, we love Jesus. x

Second Part:  The Liturgy of the Word

        First Reading: Genesis 1:1-2:2

You know this one:
it’s the story of God making the world.

         Second Reading:  Genesis 22:1-18

You know this one too.  Abraham is asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac, it helps us to think about God’s sacrifice of his Son, Jesus - and reminds us of Jesus the lamb.

         Third Reading:  Exodus 14:15-15:1

Another one you know!  Moses and the Israelites run away through the Red Sea.  This story reminds us of God’s love and protection of his people.

Fourth Reading:  Isaiah 54:5-14

This one talks about God wanting to be our bridegroom and his love for us is constant even if we mess things up.  We have nothing to fear - God loves us.

                Fifth Reading: Isaiah 55:1-11

God will provide all we need.  His promise of love is everlasting.  God is greater and more amazing than we can imagine - and he loves us! Let’s seek God at all times in all things.

                Sixth Reading: Baruch 3:9-15, 32-4:4

Oh dear - Israel (and that also means you and me) you messed up and forgot God!  Nitwits!  Why did you do it?

God is amazeballs!  So amazeballs in fact that even though you thought you knew better than God, he still sent the light to save you.  Come one you lot, turn back to God and the beautiful light that God gives.  Live as God asks you.

                Seventh Reading:  Ezekiel 36:16-28

O Israel, you went away, you left the land I gave you - you left me, says God.  What choice was there but exile, you who were so wretched and unfaithful?  You made my name an unholy thing - this must be put right.

I will gather my people and change their hearts.  I will cleanse them and give them a new heart and a new spirit.  I will put my Spirit in you.  Remember my promise: you will be my people - I will be your God
(the marriage idea  from the Fourth Reading again).

         First (New Testament) Reading:  Romans 6:3-11

Because of our baptism we are Jesus brothers and sisters.  Sin cannot hold us in the darkness anymore - we can be forgiven.  Death can’t win either because Jesus’ death and resurrection sorted that out too!

WE are alive because HE is alive! (Yay).

          Gospel Reading:  Mark 16:1-7

You know this one - He’s Alive!  (Best story ever …)


Third Part: Baptismal Liturgy


We call on all the Saints in heaven to help us!  And we bless the water in the font.  As we do this we remind ourselves of John the Baptist, of Jesus baptism and of the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Paschal Candle (which represents Jesus, Light of the World) is plunged into the water as the tool of blessing.

We renew our baptismal promises, people are baptised or received as Catholics, we affirm our belief in God.


Fourth Part: Liturgy of the Eucharist


This part is pretty much like on a normal Sunday, some of the prayers are particular to the Easter Story and there is a special blessing.

We are tired now and full of Joy - Jesus is alive, we have received him and we go out to spread the Good News (probably after we have had a snooze)!