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Enjoying a community meal as part of a Bible Weekend

Food, Glorious Food

Will you be one of the 21?

We’d love you to join us as a Bible Weekend sponsor. Many smaller parishes and parishes in low-income communities struggle to afford a Bible Weekend for their parish which means they are missing out on this fantastic experience of faith formation and parish renewal.

We charge parishes only what it costs us, as a charity, to prepare and deliver a Bible Weekend but we’d love to be able to offer a reduced rate to those parishes that need it and this is where we need your help. We are looking for 21 people who are willing to donate £10 per month, for at least a year - this will cover the total costs of a standard Bible Weekend for one parish or allow two parishes to have a Bible Weekend for half-price. Each member of the 21 will receive a free gift annually - this gift will be sent out after the first three months of payment and will be a Bible based resource.

Will you be one of the 21?

Please print out and return a standing order form to: I am one of the 21, Catholic Bible School, Farm Lane, Nutbourne, Chichester, PO18 8SD.

Here at the Catholic Bible School we rely on donations (and prayer) to keep our ministry going.  We'd love it if you could help us by taking out a regular standing order to support us in our work.  You can print off a form using the link below.

Click here to open our standing order form.


Alternatively you might like to make a donation now - simply click the button

Thank you from all at the Catholic Bible School, we really appreciate your support. Registered Charity Number: 292679