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For churches we offer the option of a workshop style day.  Over the course of a Saturday or Sunday we can lead a series of workshops targeting different groups of people all based on developing skills and knowledge about the Bible.  Each workshop lasts for one hour, and depending on your timetable we can do as many as you can fit in.  We charge £75 per workshop plus travel expenses.  If you have two spaces to host workshops we could lead some workshops simultaneously if that was appropriate.  Please get in touch with us (email is best in the first instance) if you would like to know more.

The workshops we currently provide are:

Know your ABC's: Achieving Bible Confidence - This workshop is aimed at all Church members and is an introductory workshop exploring the structure, content, and context of the Bible.

Storytelling the Bible - This workshop looks at story-telling techniques for sharing the Bible with others.  This is particularly suitable for catechists and those involved in children's liturgy or those members of the Church who work in schools or as speakers and workshop leaders.

The Word for Children - aimed at parents and grandparents and anyone who has a role with primary school aged children.  This workshop explores resources, tips and strategies for engaging 4-12 year olds with the stories and text of the Bible.

Proclaim! - aimed at ministers of the word (readers), this workshop will equip your readers to be more confident and capable to proclaim scripture.  Exploring good preparation, liturgical rubric and speaking skills this workshop should enhance the confidence and skill of your readers and improve the liturgical experience!

Lectio Divina - a prayerful workshop using the methodology of Lectio Divina to explore and receive God's word.

Gospel Parables - A Bible study based workshop to help people grow in their understanding of the Gospel parables.

Interpreting God's Call in the Bible - A Bible study based workshop looking particularly at how God calls in the Bible and how we and the Bible characters respond to God's call.

The Story of Salvation - A whistle-stop tour through the Bible highlighting the key players and their stories and how it all points to the salvific act of Christ, the divine love of the Father and the dynamic action of the Holy Spirit.

Praying the Psalms - The Psalms are often referred to as the prayerbook of the Church but how can we actually pray them and what were the intentions of the psalmists that wrote them?  Some teaching on what is a psalm and some methods of prayer for groups and individuals.