Choose your Workshops

The Bible Weekend programme has space for two or three workshops.  You can tailor your workshop choices to suit the mission priorities for your parish.  If you want to focus your workshops on people already in ministry like catechists, readers, liturgists, then you can.  If you want to focus on children, young people and families, then you can.  If you want a broad approach to reach as many parishioners as possible, then you can.  We have a wide range of workshop choices listed here but if you don't see what you are looking for then get in touch, we can probably create a workshop just for you.


Know your ABC's: Achieving Bible Confidence

This workshop is aimed at all Church members and is an introductory workshop exploring the structure, content, and context of the Bible.  It aims to help parishioners both in understanding and praying with the Scriptures.


Something Old, Something New…

The text of the Bible is old and yet the Lord is always saying a new thing to us through the scriptures but how do we read and pray the Scriptures?  This workshop will explore ancient and modern techniques for engaging with the Scriptures.

The Liturgy of the Word

Why do we read the Scriptures in the Mass?  Drawing on the wisdom of Church documents and the experience of a rich living liturgy, this workshop explores the lectionary cycle, the drama of liturgical proclamation, the desire of God to speak to us and applying the Scriptures to our lives.

Gospel Parables

Jesus often taught in parables but why would he do that and what are parables for as a teaching methodology?  The parables can often be quite tricky to get at their deeper meaning, this Bible study based workshop will help you grow in your understanding of the Gospel parables.

God is calling you

What on earth is discernment? What do I do when I think God might be asking me to speak or act? How do I learn to listen to God's voice and trust what I hear?  Discover how to listen with a pencil and the Bible, because sometimes we can listen better when we write things down or while we are doodling.


The Gospel of Matthew / Mark / Luke

This workshop explores the Gospel writing of whichever liturgical year we are in.  Telling the story of the writer and his audience and the exploring the particular way they tell the Gospel story.



Isaiah is the most quoted of all the prophets in the Scriptures so what was his message and why is it still so relevant to us today?


Joshua and the tricky bits of the Bible

Looking particularly at the story of Joshua we explore how to read the stories of the Bible that as modern people seem to present an image of a vengeful God that doesn’t match up with the idea of God as love.


Play and Praise

A shorter 30 minute session aimed at preschoolers (but may be suitable for some children up to age 7) and their parents.  We sing action songs, play music, listen to stories and go on a hunt for lost sheep. Come along and join the fun.

Bible Explorers

An interactive presentation for 7-12 year olds and their parents. We dramatically explore the whole story of the Scriptures and then focus in on one story Jesus told in the Gospels and have fun building firm foundations with straws and tape.